What do we offer an ISO or Bank?

Our offering isn't just easy to use; it's also easy to rely upon. With years of experience in clearing and settlement processing, the systems provide you and your merchants with the reliability and flexibility you need and expect.

ISO Program Support
PCI-DSS Compliant
All systems are fully PCI-DSS compliant, meeting all card association and federal regulations.

Visa Direct Exchange System
Direct connections to Visa through a Visa Direct Exchange System (DEX). Secure connections for MasterCard are through MasterCard File Express and RSA Secure Tokens.

Web-Accessible Systems
The web-accessible systems are redundant and run in parallel at a separate disaster recovery site ensuring no missed interchange clearings and eliminating downtime.

Open Architecture
The system's open architecture is designed to meet specific client requirements. No other processor can enable the customization to meet the unique needs of ISOs.

Existing Merchant Number Support
The system supports existing merchant numbers, making the conversion of your merchants a seamless transition. No more attrition risk from changing merchant numbers.

Shared BINs Support
The platform supports shared BINs, so BIN level association costs can be shared across multiple clients, or if you have your own BIN,or want your own BIN, we can support that as well.

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